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Mzima Technology Associates Ltd

Mzima Technology Associates Limited specialize in Brand new & refurbished copiers, printers and its related services, now has become one of the best Supplier of photocopier in Kenya. The company is the premier supplier of digital refurbished photocopiers.

We are a leading name in Supply of Photocopier & Printers in Kenya. We have set up ourself as a main supplier of Top main  brands Minolta, Ricoh, Canon and other photocopiers, mostly imported from Europe and USA.

Mzima Technology Associates Limited is an emerging photocopiers supplier in Kenya. A thorough knowledge of copier industry is key to the outstanding service that has become our trademark.

We also deals in sales, rental, installment of brand new & refurbished or used photocopiers in Kenya. We have wide range of analog, digital and color copiers to fulfill your needs.